Ludo Money App Download Get ₹20 Cash Bonus

Ludo Money App Download: Hi, guys Welcome to another Article in this article we will talk about Ludo Money App Download Get ₹20 Cash Bonus, Earn money Application You Have Daily Chance to Redeem best Rewards.

Ludo is a strategy board game for two to four[a] players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to the roll of a single dice. Instant Withdrawl Processing 24X7 Withdraw Support All Taxation included Redeem in Bank Account or Paytm

Ludo Money App Download Get ₹20 Cash Bonus

Ludo Money is a product of Boring Games Pvt. Ltd & is launched to make traditional ludo game more interesting by involving real money challenges. Remember, Ludo is not only dependent on your dice. It requires great strategy & planning to get a win over your opponent.

Ludo money App download

How to Download Ludo Money App

Step1. First of all click on the Download button given below.

Ludo Money Referral Code

Step2. By clicking on the button, you will go to the site of

Step3. Then you click on the Android Download button.

Step4. Then click on OK.

Step5. Ludo Money app will start downloading in your mobile.

In a few seconds Ludo Money App will be downloaded in your mobile.

Get the Real Money Ludo Game App for Exclusive Features

  • Ludo money brings you the platform to play real money ludo against real players.
  • Ludo Money has over 1 lacs players, which makes it more thrilling.
  • It is the first of its kind where ludo with Snake & Ladder can be played with Real Money.
  • Ludo money also has its exclusive app for Android.
  • You can download the app & can have fun with earnings.
  • Ludo Money has the fastest and most Transparent Payment Policy.
  • Remember, Ludo is not only dependent on your dice. It is one of those real money games that requires great strategy & planning to get win over your opponent.
  • Ludo Money has fixed time slots to play, So as to bring real players available easily.
  • Download now for the most interesting contest..!!

How To Play Game in Ludo Money App

Ludo Money APK Download

  1. Ludo Rules
    • Ludo is a children’s game based upon the ancient Indian game of Pachisi. Uckers is a game played in the Royal Navy (and apparently some non-British navies) on a Ludo board.
  2. Equipment
    • A Ludo board is is square with a pattern on it in the shape of a cross, each arm being divided into three adjacent columns of eight squares. The middle squares form the home column for each colour and cannot be landed upon by other colours.
    • The middle of the cross forms a large square which is the ‘home’ area and which is divided into 4 home triangles, one of each colour. At each corner, separate to the main circuit are coloured circles (or squares) where the pieces are placed to begin.
    • Counters start their circuit one square in from the end of the arm and adjacent to the starting circle. Avoid modern boards which incorrectly place the first square at the end of the arm.
    • The starting square,
    • the starting circle, the home triangle and all the home column squares are coloured to match the corresponding pieces.
    • Each player chooses one of the 4 colours (green, yellow, red or blue) and places the 4 pieces of that colour in the corresponding starting circle. A single die is thrown to determine movement.
  3. Play
    • Players take turns in a clockwise order; the highest throw of the die starts.
    • Each throw, the player decides which piece to move. A piece simply moves in a clockwise direction around the track given by the number thrown. If no piece can legally move according to the number thrown, play passes to the next player.
    • A throw of 6 gives another turn.
    • A player must throw a 6 to move a piece from the starting circle onto the first square on the track. The piece moves 6 squares around the circuit beginning with the appropriately coloured start square (and the player then has another turn).
    • If a piece lands on a piece of a different colour, the piece jumped upon is returned to its starting circle.
    • If a piece lands upon a piece of the same colour, this forms a block. This block cannot be passed or landed on by any opposing piece.
  4. Winning
    • When a piece has circumnavigated the board, it proceeds up the home column. A piece can only be moved onto the home triangle by an exact throw.
    • The first person to move all 4 pieces into the home triangle wins.

How to Withdraw From Ludo Money App

Ludo Money App

  • Step1. First of all click on the button of Redeem.
  • Enter your Bank Details or UPI.
  • Then click on submit button.
  • Now enter how much money you want to withdraw.
  • Finally, click on Withdraw.
  • Your money will go to your account in 12 to 24 hours.

Privacy Policy

  • Ludo Money is operated by Boring Games Pvt. Ltd in India, which offers various games through the web-portal. Ludo and associated Facebook application, partner website(s) and mobile application(s) (collectively referred to as the “Portal”) .
  • Any person using Ludo Money or any of its features including participation in the various contest or games being conducted on this Portal shall be bound by this Privacy Policy.
  • Ludo Money respects the privacy of its Users and is committed to protect it in all respects.
  • With a view to offer an enriching and holistic internet experience to its Users. Kindly take time to read the ‘About Us’ section to know more about Ludo Money.
  • Most of the Amusement Facilities are offered for free but you may need registration to participate in Ludo Money’s online games.
  • The information about the User is collected by Ludo Money as (i) information supplied by Users and (ii) information automatically tracked during User’s navigation on Ludo Money.

Customer Support Details of Ludo Money Game 

Call or Whatsapp on +91 9560084005


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